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Our Mission is to Accelerate the Development of Promising Technologies to Improve Patient Lives


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Our Company

RTK Group is a family office backed biopharmaceutical advisory and investment fund focused on supporting companies developing emerging technologies having disruptive impact and significant potential to benefit patients.

We focus our efforts where we can leverage our unique expertise in company formation and technology development to assist high‐performing management teams realize the full value potential of their technology.

Our Mission

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Bring About A Better World

Our ultimate goal is to improve the human condition through our support of technology development. Leaving the potential for a better future for our future generations is what motivates us to foster scientific innovation and teams dedicated to improving patient lives.

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Accelerate Disruptive Innovation

We embrace scientific risk and support research with high impact potential. Our belief is that investing in promising concepts backed by solid science creates the potential for significant value creation.

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Support Teams Dedicated To Improving Patient Lives

High performing teams are critical to allow promising technologies to realize their full potential. We back innovators at all stages of their entrepreneurial career and support teams as needed with our expertise in company formation and technology development.

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We Mean Business

Nothing excites us more than the idea to change the world—we are healthcare breakthrough enthusiasts.

Our team can assess prospects from various angles because of the special combination of scientific, technical, and commercial experience we have. We are aware of the steps involved in taking an idea from conception to commercialization, just as we are aware that great things take time.

Our Team

Our team is managed by experts with advanced scientific and financial skills. By carefully handling core positions across the industry, we want to optimize the return potential of the business and provide better healthcare opportunities around the globe.

Our Approach

We examine cutting-edge healthcare technology and prospective investment opportunities using our in-depth knowledge of the biomedical ecosystem to look for solutions and ensure access to safe and quality care to benefit our patients’ lives.

Our Success

Partners value RTK’s unique ability to assess the growth potential of innovative healthcare companies and assist them in bringing about a better world.


Fast-tracking Progress

Partners In Innovation

The biotechnology industry is going through an unheard-before period of change. Regulators, big pharma, and entrepreneurial companies continue to take new tactics in response to the enormous need to effectively treat a variety of diseases and advance breakthrough therapeutics to address unmet medical needs.

Investment That Matters

We embrace scientific risk and back partners in developing technologies with significant breakthrough potential. Our conviction is that investing in innovative ideas supported by sound science has the potential to provide tremendous value in improving the healthcare system and the patients’ lives.

Our Purpose


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Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare

RTK is a biopharmaceutical advisory and investment fund that aids healthcare organizations in achieving their strategic goals by leveraging its extensive industry knowledge in technology and healthcare.

We have one goal: to help our partners succeed to the fullest extent possible, bringing about better patients’ lives and a better world through better healthcare. We take great satisfaction in being the most committed and laser-focused healthcare and technology investment specialists.

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